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Moscow, 25 July 2004 - 15 November 2005
May 8, 2005. Red Square, Vasilyevsky Slope. Tomorrow here will be held a parade commemorating the end of World War II. Among the guests are the USA President Bush, French President Chirac, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, German Chancellor Schroeder, Prime Minister of Japan Koizumi and others. A beautiful view of the Moscow Kremlin, just twenty minutes of walk from the work place. In front of the office.
  Medical records... Behind each - a human destiny. Oncology is an unbearable pain of the mankind. Today we know a lot about it, but, unfortunately, not everything is in the doctors' hands.  

Moscow, 02 July 2002 - 26 November 2003
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Details - see Moscow Reports, September 14, 2003. Happy birthday! 57 is a good life experience. Russian Central State Library.