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We, our parents, relatives and ancestors

Beginning of the 20-th century. Grandfather of Tatyana A. Baranova (Spryskova) along the paternal line, Aleksandr Ivanovich Spryskov, wealthy merchant of the City of Kostroma with grandmother, Vassa Stepanovna Spryskova (Sergeeva) from the family of wealthy Ural cossaks.
See "Notes" of February 7, 2004.
Year 1969. City of Ivanovo, USSR. Right to left: Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Spryskov with daughter Tatyana, undergraduate student, and wife, Ekaterina Mikhailovna Spryskova (Solovyova), English language lecturer. Year 1927. Spryskov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. Undergraduate student of Ivanovo Plytechnic Institute.
Photo of the 30-th. Solovyov Sergei Mikhailovich undergraduate student of Ivanovo Plytechnic Institute. Uncle of T.A. Branova (Spryskova) along the maternal line. Arrested and executed by NKVD in 1937. Year 1931. City of Leningrag, USSR. Father of Vadim V. Baranov, Vasiliy Gavrilovich Baranov, employee of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. August of 1971. Vadim Vasilyevich Baranov 4-th year undergraduate medical student of Ivanovo State Medical Institute. Country house. Village Popovskoe of Ivanovo District.
Year 1955. Baranov Albert Vasilyevich (elder brother), soon afrer graduation with Honours from Ivanovo Textile Institute. Later Deputy Dean of Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys Department in the City of Electrostal, Moscow region. Senior Sergeant of Guards Baranov Vadim Vasilyevich. Strategic Nuclear Missile Forces. Division, mentioned in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) as the "Vypolzovo" (Bologoe-4). (November 19, 1965 - May 27, 1968). Access (Rus.- "Dopusk") to the highest level of the state secrets of the dissolved Empire (The "Order 010" of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR). December of 1968. First year of the Medical Institute (IGMI). 4 hours for sleep almost a holiday. "Labor omnia vincit" (lat.). It's hard, but nobody is giving up.
The victors. May 25, 1945. Germany. Ivan Gavrilovich Baranov. "Uncle Vanya". Beginning of the 1930-s. City of Moscow, USSR. Pavel Ivanovich Polyakov grandfather along the maternal line of Vadim V. Baranov. Arrested and shot by NKVD in 1937. The end of the 19-th century. Personal Honorable Citizen Andrej Irinarkhovich Irinarkhov (the chief power manager of the textile production of the well-known Cambridge educated manufacturer Savva Morozov in OrekhovoZuevo near Moscow). Great grandfather of Tatyana A. Baranova (Spryskova) along the maternal line. Died and buried in Orekhovo-Zuevo.
The end of the 19-th century. Nenila Nikitichna Irinarkhova, great grandmother of Tatyana A. Baranova (Spryskova) along the maternal line. The end of the 19-th century. Lidiya and Alevtina (Balassi after marriage to Italian engineer) Irinarkhovy, daughters of Andrej Irinarkhovich Irinarkhov and Nenila Nikitichna Irinarkhova, students of the Moscow Institute for Noble Girls. The end of the 19-th century. Solovyev Mikhail Ivanovich, chief mechanic of textile production of manufacturer Yasuninsky in Kokhma (near the modern city of Ivanovo) with Solovyeva (Irinarkhova) Ludmila Andreevna - grandfather and grandmother of Tatyana A. Baranova along the maternal line.
Yarunin() Nikita Vladimirovich, relative of T. A. Baranova(Spryskova) along the maternal line. The end of the 19-th century. Spryskova Mariya Aleksandrovna, aunt of Tatyana A. Baranova along the paternal line. June 3, 1971. Marriage of Vadim V. Baranov and Tatyana A. Spryskova. City of Ivanovo Wedding Palace (former mansion of manufacturer Burylin).
March 1981. Vadim and Tatyana Baranovy with son Sergei. City of Ivanovo.