On bio-effects of electromagnetic irradiation

September 24, 2017

An overview of methods and means of clandestine remote application of electromagnetic radiation on humans based on the materials of the biennial European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons (Ettingen, Germany)

The subject of clandestine application of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) against civilian population has been debated for a long time and there is a lot of content on this subject on the Internet as well as in print. As a rule, however, such information is presented without substantial proof, claiming, that direct evidence is unavailable to the public. Moreover, such materials mainly describe application of electromagnetic radiation of various frequencies for the purposes of mind control and - to a much lesser degree - for inducing illnesses and pathological health conditions up to the point of a lethal outcome. For this reason in this section we plan to evaluate the real possibility of such application of EM weapons against humans on the basis of open scientific and professional publications. To begin with, the subject of electromagnetic weapons is not completely banned from the official discourse, for example it was debated in Russia and in 2001 an addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "On Weapons" prohibiting electromagnetic and other beam weapons was passed into law by the lower house of the Russian parliament - The State Duma. This indirectly corroborates the possibility of application of electromagnetic radiation as a weapon. Analogous laws exist in a few US states.

In addition, EMR is used in the development of non-lethal weapons (NLW) and this information is also available in open sources. International symposiums on NLW, the materials of which are used in this article, are held since 2001 biennially in Germany [ ]. In 2017 a 9-th such event took place. There are plans to create an encyclopedia of non-lethal weapons to inform the wide audience on the subject.

The present overview was composed based on session abstracts of the first four symposiums which took place in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007. Starting with year 2009 session abstracts are not available to the public, although symposiums continue to be held.

According to the NATO future technologies plans out to the year 2020 electromagnetic radiation non lethal weapons of the radiofrequency (RF) band are on the list of the "promising technologies" [ 1 ]. According to another session abstract the assessment of EMR influences on biological objects is "one of the urgent problems", which is necessary to solve for the conceptual development of the NLW technologies [ 2 ].

Principles, methods and technology of application

Among various principles of operation of EM based non-lethal weapons, microwave radiation stands out as the method, which is given the most attention in the symposiums abstracts. The thermal effect of high intensity monochromatic microwave radiation (wavelength 1m - 1mm, frequency 300MHz - 300GHz) on biological tissues is well known and is used not only in household microwave ovens, but also in non-lethal weapons [ 3 ]. However, in recent years a lot of research was directed towards the non-thermal effects of microwave radiation, which can induce a wide spectrum of effects in biological structures (that is humans) and create pathological health conditions, while not causing a significant heating of tissues and remaining within the limits of the legal levels of EM radiation *.

Based on the sessions abstracts it is possible to outline the following major principles of how non-thermal EM radiation can affect humans:
  • Resonant absorption of EM radiation by organs, cellular and bio-molecular structures of the organism as a result of tuning parameters of elaborately organized EM radiation, including parameters that can be selectively tuned to maximize the damaging effect for a particular person.

  • Modification of properties of physical substances, in particular - aqueous solutions in the organism under the influence of EM radiation and as a result modification of functioning of organs and systems.

  • The use of the above methods in combination with other non EM special means (such as chemical and/or biological) to amplify the effect of the EM radiation. This method allows to use each of the non-lethal weapons of the combination in smaller doses and thus to make detection of the application of NLW more difficult.
A more detailed description of principles, methods and technologies of EM non-lethal weapons is given below:

- Use of bio-active frequencies

The operating principle of how non-thermal EM radiation affects biological structures is based on the use of biologically active, resonant frequencies: "Experiments performed with the different biological systems show that this influence has resonant character." - says session abstract [ 4 ]. "Quite contrary [ opposite ] effects (from therapeutic to aggravating the disease) can be observed during medical experiments carried out in different spectral bands", states session abstract [ 4 ]. The same source describes the effects of non-thermal irradiation as "biostimulation" - it is known that biostimulation can provoke the onset of cancer.

Session abstract [ 5 ] refers to resonant effects of low intensity EM radiation on matter which causes changes in its molecular structure, and subsequently changes in its physical properties, which lead to modifications of biological activity of an organism exposed to EM radiation. Low intensity EM radiation of the millimeter spectral region affects biological objects through cell membranes and multi-layer skin tissues, states the session abstract.

Session abstract [ 2 ] refers to studies of bio-effects of elaborately organized weak electromagnetic fields on hematological indices of peripheral blood and the state of the circulatory system. The extent of damage recorded in these experiments included disturbance in breathing and blood circulation, partial consciousness loss, painful skin irritation, impaired conscious activity, heart arrhythmia, sharp jumps of blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, asthmatic spasms - all that causing general discomfort, deep depression, space confusion.

Bio-effects can be induced by both continuous monochromatic (concentrated around a single frequency) and pulsed non-thermal EM radiation. The millimeter wavelength spectral band, which is particularly biologically active can serve as an example of the use of continuous irradiation. For lower frequencies that do not possess such biological activity ultra-short high level impulses are effective (this, however does not mean that they cannot be used in the millimeter spectral region). The use of ultra short impulses allows to keep the average power level of radiation low, as short high amplitude impulses are alternating with wide windows without radiation. The duration of the EM impulses may vary from microseconds [ 6 7 8 ] to nanoseconds [ 9 ]. An important aspect of the millimeter band and the ultra-short impulse radiation is the difficulty of its detection with devices (EM field meters) available to the broad civilian population.

- Use of ultra-short impulses of high amplitude

Biological effects of very short high field electromagnetic pulses "are profound and varied", at the same time "thermal effects are negligible in the case of pulsed fields with respect to analogous exposition to monochromatic waves", states session abstract [ 9 ]. The same source presents results of a research of toxic and genotoxic (carcinogenic) effects at the cellular level after being exposed to high amplitude electromagnetic pulses of non-thermal average power.

Session abstract [ 8 ] reports that structural and functional changes in cells of the central nervous system were observed after being exposed to multiple pulses of high amplitude microwaves for 10 seconds - 12 minutes. More details on the same subject are available in source [ 6 ]. Session abstract [ 7 ] describes a similar experiment and contains details of acute and long lasting changes of endothelial cell cultures exposed to non-thermal EM impulses (Endothelium is a cell layer lining the interior surface of blood and lymphatic vessels, cardiac cavities).

- Use of laser radiation

Symptoms of laser radiation exposure depend both on the parameters and the power of radiation. Bio-effects of laser radiation exposure with elaborately tuned parameters could manifest themselves in formation of intra-tissue poisons - products of altered cell metabolism - resulting in same symptoms as poisoning [ 10 ].

According to the same source [ 10 ] the following symptoms were observed in the course of laser radiation exposure experiments: vegetative-vascular dysfunction, cardiovascular disorders manifesting in instability of blood pressure, increased perspiration, retardation of the pulse. Examined patients complained of fatigue, sleep disorders, eye pain. Blood tests indicated reduced red and white blood cell counts (erythrocytes and leucocytes). Experiments demonstrated that erythrocytes can absorb laser radiation over a wide range of optical spectrum. These biological changes and subjective sensations would go away after a medical treatment.

- Accounting for individual factors to maximize the amount of absorbed EM energy

In order to maximize bio-effect of EM exposure, radiation parameters can be individually customized taking into account the following criteria:

"...dielectric properties of tissues, geometric, mass and weight parameters of the object, its orientation [ in space ], field polarization, configuration and parameters of radiation source, duration, intensity and frequency of radiation, all the peculiarities of generation and propagation of electromagnetic radiation." [ 2 ]. What this means is the EM radiation can be selectively applied on an individual basis.

- Long term effects of EM radiation after removal of exposure

Session abstract [ 5 ] describes methods of EM irradiation of biological objects by millimeter spectral region waves for creation of long living altered water states with modified physical-chemical and as a result biological properties. Such altered states can persist as a "memory effect" for up to several days after the withdrawal of the EM radiation.

Long lasting effects after a brief exposure to high power short microwave pulses are described in session abstracts [ 7 ] and [ 8 ].

This means that specially formulated sporadic short term EM exposure can induce persistent biological effects, so there is no need to continuously expose the target to EM irradiation.

- Combined use of EM irradiation with non-lethal weapons based on non EM principles

Session abstract [ 11 ] outlines the general principle of "simultaneous deployment" of several non-lethal weapons (special means), based on different physical and biological principles, which allows to achieve increased effectiveness and reduce the possibility that the NLW would be neutralized by countermeasures.

One such type of special means are for instance, "pharmacological non-lethal weapons" [ 12 ], which include substances "referred to as psychomimetics, hallucinogens" many of which are known to be illegal, opyoids - fentanyl and its derivatives, experiments were conducted even with the ultra-potent opioid etorphine(!), calmatives, which include dissociative anesthetics (psychoactive substances altering perception of reality and leading to weakening of normal functioning of consciousness and catalepsy) - phencyclidine, ketamine, benzodiazepines (midazolam); myorelaxants (suxamethonium) and many others.

These substances are administered by non-traditional methods, such as by inhaling, through nasal mucosa, through oral mucosa (transbuccal), through eye conjunctiva, and through skin (transdermal). "The onset of [ toxic ] effect is very rapid - within a couple of minutes", which can be further reduced to 60-90 seconds by "using accelerators" [ 12 ].

Combined use of special means, due to its increased effectiveness, allows to achieve the desired effect with micro doses, which in our opinion is also used to disguise the fact of application as well as to apply the special means selectively on an individual basis.

- Remote evaluation of the results of application of non lethal EM weapons

According to session abstract [ 13 ] equipment for remote evaluation of the state of biological objects allows measuring the degree of pathological effects of EM irradiation on the organism. This includes express diagnostic equipment such as rhythmocardiographic and iridodiagnostic devices, equipment analyzing human oculomotor (eye movement) reactions, stress reactions, interaction of endocrine and nervous systems, "evaluation of psycho-emotional disorders, caused by metabolic and structural changes of central nervous system", evaluation of emotional stress and pathological conditions by analyzing oculormotor (eye movement) reactions [ 13 ].

Session abstract [ 14 ] claims that there exist diagnostic tests for assessment of type and severity of changes in a human organism exposed to microware irradiation. The abstract refers to the design principles of such diagnostic systems and methods to dynamically calculate possible pathways of development of pathological processes in a human organism [ 14 ].

What this means is that it is possible, depending of the condition of the object to either stop the application of the EM non-lethal weapon or to continue the exposure in order to achieve the desired level of "non-lethality" (or lethality).

- Examples of non-lethal EM weapons and their characteristics

"Near unidirectional action portable equipments with pulse power equal 5W and damage range up to 500 m. Damage degree: disturbance of breathing, blood circulation, partial consciousness loss, painful irritation, paralyzing active conscious activity." [ 2 ].

"Mobile and stationary installations with pulse power equal 1 kW and considerable damage area. Damage degree: heart arrhythmia, sharp jump of blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, asthmatic spasms, that leads to a general discomfort, deep depression, space confusion." [ 2 ].


- All of the above information allows us to come to a conclusion that the described non-thermal electromagnetic weapons have nothing to do with mass application. Instead these weapons are designed to be applied specifically and selectively against "undesirable" individuals, which makes them weapons of individual terror.

- Low average power and elaborate combination of biologically active EM radiation parameters make it practically impossible to detect the fact of application of such weapons by either subjective sensations or by EM field meters available to the broad civilian population.

- Existing EM radiation exposure regulations do not control specific parameters of EM and microwave radiation used in non-lethal weapons except for power density *. However, it is precisely these parameters, such as concentration of EM radiation on biologically active frequencies, special modulation, parameters of EM impulses, etc. used separately or in combination with other special means that create incapacitating effects, which can lead to pathological states and a lethal outcome.

- A new "pharmacological weapons" term has emerged, indicating that the pharmacological industry is starting to be deployed against civilians using its potential against peaceful population.

- Pathological conditions that develop as a result of combined application of special means prompt a targeted individual to seek medical help, however, the medical examinations are incapable to establish the real origins of unhealthiness making the person think that his health problems are of natural causes.

* The EM irradiation maximum exposure levels depend on the frequency and for the microwave radiation [ 300 MHz - 300 GHz ] in different countries have various upper limits - 10 mWt/cm2 and lower. Typically, in the frequency range used to induce described above biological effects only the level of radiant power, in other words average radiated power, is regulated.


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June 5, 2011


On our Web site we presented an overview of the methods of how the "special means" are applied. These methods, judging from the cases reported by the press, continue to be used, however as a result of a long term observation an insight about the existence of other, remote non-contact methods of application have emerged.

From the history of application of chemical, biological and electromagnetic weapons a concept of the combined use of these three components to achieve the destructive effect is known. This concept later transformed into the idea of regulating biochemical processes on a cellular level by subjecting the living organisms to electromagnetic radiation, causing effects similar to the use of chemical and biological agents, but requiring only microdoses of such agents, or using chemical or biological agents already located in the body in a dormant state. And then came the opportunity to do even without the agents, by using only the electromagnetic radiation to control the biochemical processes of the organism.

For example, the site posted a book review [1] reported at the Joint Symposium on Interactions of Electromagnetic Waves with Biological Systems (1987, Tel Aviv, Israel). The book reads in part that weak low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields amplitude-modulated at extremely low frequencies (ELF) can alter behavior of hormones, neurotransmitters and other molecules in body cells contributing to the development of various diseases, including oncological diseases.

One of the books which has recently appeared on the bookstore shelves [2] reported about the wave genetic weapons “active development of which is presently being carried out by certain forces” ([2], p. 269). What this means is the possibility of a transmission of a viral information package by waves with a help of a “repeater”. As a result of such wave packet getting into the human body the virus may reappear on the physical level thus causing a virus-like disease ([2], p. 289, 293). (A virus in essence can be considered as an information poison). Such a wave packet, once in the human body, is able to alter the entire course of metabolism, in particular causing the appearance of endogenous toxins, which may have been what the authors discovered having experienced “severe toxification of the organism” during the alleged exposure. The authors “were surprised to discover that behind all this were the special services, mostly Russian, but others as well” ([2] p. 105).

We decided to comment on this information: to begin with, this sort of work was indeed conducted in the USSR ([3] Kaznacheev), and later in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4], Gariaev). In particular it became possible to invoke in a living cell in a contactless manner symptoms identical to those of a viral infection. The effect is caused by the transfer of information from an infected cell to a healthy one by means of electromagnetic waves (ultra weak electromagnetic radiation) ([3], Kaznacheev, page 22, 23). According to the publication [5], the Kaznacheev discoveries are reported to be the basis for much of the Russian electromagnetic biological warfare program.

Now about the “repeaters”: this kind of generators simulating the topology and electrodynamics of the DNA molecule did exist already in 1994 in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4] Gariaev, p. 3), plans were made to create ([4], p. 198) a family of bio-opto-radioelectronic and bio-axion equipment capable of simulating wave states of the genome. The possibility of non-matrix synthesis of polypeptides and polynucliotides by the wave method was also researched ([4], p. 100) (polynucleotides – DNA, RNA; polypeptides – proteins, the foundation of cells of living organisms) .

Relying on our personal experience, information from open sources, analyzing the cases of applications of special means, as well as observing the bizarre picture of outbreaks of viral diseases in humans and animals in the past two decades across the globe, we consider these methods rather plausible.


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Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova.