Active Measures

This page of our web site is opened as a response to the substantial volume of active measures against us in order to discredit us as a reliable source.
07 January, 2007

Los Angeles, CA,
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Some time ago certain Internet sites started to display the contents of other Internet sites auto-translated to different languages without an authorization from or notification to the owners of the original sites. This sort of activity is equivalent to republishing of the original sites, including the US government sites, where the original textual content is often distorted beyond recognition. Our site is not an exception.

Such activities constitute a violation of Copy rights and benefit those, who want to distort the useful information published on the Internet, discredit the original sources and create an artificial chaos in which it is impossible to tell whether you are looking at the original or a distorted forgery.

From our point of view a multi-step long term operation to undermine the Internet has been put onto action by small but very influential groups both in the East and in the West. A distinctive mark of such operations is their gradual character, where each step does not bring radical changes, and due to its unsubstantial or pseudo accidental appearance does not cause the appropriate reaction from the society. The consecutive steps, however, do change the status quo and are possible only because the first step was not fended off.
01 June, 2004

Los Angeles, CA,
"...You are raising such problems and expecting not to be pressed?

These words were thrown by one of the Deputy Prosecutor Generals of the Russian Federation to one Russian journalist.
When there is no way to shut up an opponent, the methods of psychological pressure come into action. One of their major parts is open shadowing. Here we display some photographic documents, which were made at the most critical moments, when inaction on our part would have been considered as weakness and could have prompted a physical attack on us with unpredictable to us consequences. Some of them require explanations, the others are so eloquent, that need no comments.
7 April, 2004

Los Angeles, CA,
To our "well-wishers" and others from the same "company" who want to do much good to us: do not disturb us with your e-mails larded with viruses.
You will not succeed in blocking our site!
30 January, 2004

Los Angeles, CA,
There has recently been registered an elevated level of break in attempts into our computer from the Internet. There also has been an increase in intrusions into the text of our Web site with inserting of artificial errors (there is an expression in British political slang: "Topsy-Turvy" which means arranging artificial chaos into a process).
In our opinion this is made in order to discredit the authors and the Web site.
05 December, 2001

London, UK
We are being subjected to "domestic terror" [ 1 ] [ 2 ] (Rus: "bytovoi terror") for the publication of our case on the Internet. We have been deprived of shelter and thrown into the street in spite of our rights: we have been granted political asylum in the United Kingdom (according to 1951 United Nations Convention). This "domestic terror" is currently taking place at the following address:

Rm. 43 Spring Grange
135-137 Highbury New Park
London N52DS, England.

We are reaching for help to all who are not indifferent to the fate of freedom and democracy.

Our telephones in London are:
+44 788 402 7396
+44 775 267 2946.
03 December, 2001

London, UK.
"Active measures" are propagandistic activity conducted by special services mainly with the use of "black" propaganda such as slander, libel, false accusations, gossips, intentional distortion of facts, as well as unceremonious intrusion into private life with the use of modern technical means, etc, etc. All that - in order to create, at the first stage, a socio-political vacuum around the victim by discrediting him or her ("dehumanisation of victim"). The second stage is physical elimination of the victim, done with somebody else's hands. The faces of the real manipulators never come to surface at any of these stages.

The best example of such kind of actions is given in the book by Vladimir Kuzichkin: (Vladimir Kuzichkin,"Inside the KGB: Myth and Reality". Andre Deutch, London 1990, p . 304). Descriptions of active measures can also be found in the book by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky: (Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordiewsky, "KGB: The inside story of its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev". Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1990) and in other books. According to Gordievsky, in the organization where he used to serve this kind of work was conducted by "Directorate T" (Active Measures) and "Service A" (Desinformation, Covert Actions) -- see "Appendix 4" of the above mentioned book. The same kind of destructive activity is carried out by Internal Services.
09 June, 2001

London, UK.

Open letter to Israeli secret services, Mossad and others...

We would like to ask you to moderate your activity around us. This concerns both your "illuminating" agents of "Kidon", based in Switzerland and recently appeared your people, who, according to the soviet-chekist terminology, might be called as "illegals".

If you are puzzled with a question "why?" we are readily sending you to your Russian-speaking colleagues. They would explain you the meaning of the story "The bait-trapping" (Rus: "Na Zhivtsa") by M. Zoshchenko.

With wishes,

Dr. Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatiana A. Baranova, Candidate of Chemical Sci.

June 9, 2001. London.

If you think that this is not true, we are ready to arrange "portraits" of some of such "heroes" and display them for public viewing.