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United States
September, 2022
We are 75 years old.
March 10, 2009 - September 3, 2009
Spring in the mountains. Summer in the mountains. Summer in the mountains.
March 9, 2008 - September 2, 2008
Seattle. Columbia river near Portland. Yellowstone.
15 November 2005 - 7 May 2006
Los Angeles (Pasadena), California. The famous arches of Utah and Nevada. Utah, Canyonlands national park, where some of the famous Westerns were filmed.
26 November 2003 - 23 July 2004
Califonia, December 2003. Los Angeles, Pasadena City Hall. February in California. Los Angeles auto show, January 2004. There is no better transport for a Russian soul than a Land Rover.
Grand Canyon, Arizona. Las Vegas, Nevada. San Diego, California - major US Navy base. Carrier "Midway" did not fit into picture, of course.

March 2003
Trip starts at the Pacific Ocean beach Picnic by the Pacific Ocean Not far from Muir Woods, North of San Francisco
Downtown Sacramento The State Capitol, Sacramento Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Yosemite, golden sand of California Fort Ross Baranov family inside Fort Ross
Yosemite, Glory of California waterfall El Dorado County. Lake Tahoe, elevation 6229 ft. The largest living thing on Earth - the General Sherman Sequoia
Sequoia National Park Squaw Valley Olympic Village San Francisco Bay