Moscow Reports

May 19, 2007.

Moscow, Russia.
New freedom of movement restrictions in Russia.

Today the officials of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, town of Balashikha, Moscow oblast, (branch #592) refused to accept our applications for an extension of the foreign travel passports on the ground of unlawful requirements. The officials required us to list all our past movements abroad, all of the countries we have been to and all the addresses where we stopped or resided in those countries. These illegal requirements are in direct conflict with the official form for application for a foreign travel passport (there is no such field in the form about addresses or movements abroad). In our opinion all this circus was planned in advance and the requirements were made intentionally unattainable. We were told by the officials that they were carrying out the requirements of the FSB (the successor of the KGB). (Although we do know for sure that all our movements abroad, wherever we were, were tracked by the KGB/FSB of the Russian Federation).

It is for the first time since we were issued the foreign travel passports in 1995 that we come across such restrictions of the freedom of movement of Russian citizens.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatyana A. Baranova.
June 29, 2006.

Moscow, Russia.
Russia: the next turn towards political repressions?

From the words of Tsypalygin Maksim Vladimirovich (in an impulse of loose lipped bragging and threats in our address) we learned that there exists a governmental organ inside Russian Federation with an executive authority exceeding that of the President of the Russian Federation. This organ will be responsible for making decisions on physical liquidations of the undesirable to the political regime individuals, first of all, inside of the country.
On our question, what is this organization, he answered:

- This is yet a secret.

On our question in what ways will the liquidations be performed, he answered:

- In various ways!

(Audio recording was made)

This information correlates with:
  • the address of the President of the Russian Federation Putin V. V. on June 28, 2006, made in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation about the villainous murder of the workers of the Russian Embassy in Iraq,
  • the frenzied attempts to push through an amendment on extremism in the Parliament of the Russian Federation with the goal to make criticism of the regime equal to terrorism,
  • disorderly staff rearrangements in the offices of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General of Moscow, and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation,
  • the visible signs of preparation of the replacement of the current Administration of the city of Moscow, and other facts.
All this makes an impression that the current political regime in Russia decided to use the tragic events in the Russian Embassy in Iraq, as a formal pretext for setting scores with everyone, who expresses even the smallest disapproval of the current political regime.
It cannot be excluded, that political repressions are planned on the scale compatible to those of the mid to end of the 30-th and end of the 70-th -- beginning of the 80-th of the 20-th century.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatyana A. Baranova.

Russia, Moscow, June 29, 2006.
May 14, 2005.

Moscow, Russia.
Member of the Russian parliament (State Duma) gives the game away...

Member of the Russian parliament (State Duma) Abeltsev suggests that the special services should be given assignment to liquidate the former atomic energy minister arrested by the Swiss police at the request of the US Department of Justice. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
March 18-20, 2005.

Moscow, Russia.
On March 18 at 9.14 Moscow time, special services agent Tsypalygin V. E. while threatening us with a firearm - hand gun, stated: "... we'll get you shot anyway, if not now, then later" [ 2 ]. The main demand was to leave the territory of Russia (Homeland), and move to the United Kingdom.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatyana A. Baranova.
February 20, 2005.

Moscow, Russia.
In spite of our official application to the authorities to start an investigation of the break in into our apartment, burglary and an act of vandalism (see report of December 03, 2004), as of this date there has been no action taken on the part of the authorities.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatyana A. Baranova.
December 17, 2004

Moscow, Russia.
We in all seriousness declare that the attempts to destroy the health of our son Sergei and even kill him will not change our conception of the world, our principles, our behavior.
We declare, as well, that all the weight of responsibility for the damage inflicted on the health of our son, as well as our own health is laid entirely upon those special services, which naively believe that we can be spoken to in a language of blackmail and threats.

Vadim V. Baranov, Doctor-Oncologist,
Tatyana A. Baranova, Candidate of Chemical Science (PhD).

December 03, 2004

Moscow, Russia.
Our opponents have completely lost control over themselves, and resorted to an unprecedented action: our apartment was broken into (opened with a key) and our properties were either thrown around, broken, or stolen. Documents, copies of documents, personal papers thrown around [ 1 ].

  1. Purchased in the USA Laptop computer Toshiba Satellite Pro 435 CDS with all documents.
  2. Purchased in the USA "Cingular Wireless" cellular phone SONY-Ericson T226 (Serial # 010208004302276).
As well as copies of documents:
  3. Copy of the birth certificate of Baranov V.V.
  4. Copy of the merriage certificate of Baranov V.V. and Baranova(Spryskova) T.A.
  5. Copy of the first page of the foreign passport of Baranov V.V. 430811185.

None of the remaining valuable things were stolen, an act of vandalism commited in the dwelling.

We have no doubt, that this is the work of the Russian special services which tried, but failed to get at us with legal (juridical) means and on December 03, 2004 resorted to such an unprecedented (according to the words of agent Tsipalygin) action of revenge.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatiana A. Baranova.
December 14, 2003

Los Angeles,
To those, who are even little informed about what has been happening in the modern Russia, the results of December 7-th, 2003 elections to the Russian Parliament - Duma, was nothing unexpected. The waste political "material", which made Russian capital settle firmly in the West, is thrown overboard. The SPS (Union of Right Forces) and "Yabloko" (democrats) parties incubated by the Fifth Main Directorate of the KGB of the USSR passed away!
However, our President and his closest confidential agents came into big politics from the same Fifth Main Directorate of the KGB USSR (according to the press)! So, "The Fifth Main Directorate of the KGB USSR is dead. Long live the Fifth Main Directorate!".
Operation "Trust" that started at the very beginning of the Soviet regime early last century still goes on, merely the next in turn stage of this "soap opera" has finished. Expecting the new one with impatience.
To the prominent sovietologists of the West: Gentlemen, please, watch the Soviet film "Operation "Trust" ("Operatsiya "Trest") one more time. If any of you has an opportunity to leaf through the GPU-NKVD documents related to this operation, do so more attentively one more time.

Vadim V. Baranov.
Tatyana A. Baranova.
November 7, 2003

Moscow, Russia.
Since 1917 the Bolsheviks put human life at the top of priority values. Since that moment they assumed the right to decide, who's life is to be taken away and who is to be granted the right to live (for the time being). After giving up the practice of open repressions, a new euphemism was invented: "Taking care of human health is the state's task". The phrase, however, had a hidden sinister meaning: they again decided themselves who is to be granted good health and who's health is to be destroyed.
This scheme is still in action. In particular, in the recent years the internal special services have developed methods of intimidation and elimination of opponents and "undesirable" persons by inducing artificial cardiac arrhythmias elevated to the degree of "cardiological blackmail".

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatiana A. Baranova.
October 30, 2003

Moscow, Russia.
One of the major causes of mortality among the active part of the male population of Russia are deaths caused by cardiovascular pathology. The principal (incompetent) diagnosis is the "acute cardiovascular collapse". This euphemism cannot serve as a clinical diagnosis and is analogous to the other euphemism which we have mentioned earlier, namely, the "vegeto-vascular dystonia" (Rus: vegetososudistaya distoniya). Therefore, we came to the following conclusion: internal special services of Russian Federation are committing a crime by using special means, including chemical and biological weapons, against it's own population.
One of the main documents of the recent period which frees special services from responsibility for crimes is executive order #1575 "On introducing the state of emergency in the City of Moscow" of September 21 1993, signed by president Yeltsin, which frees the servicemen of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and the MO (Ministry of Defense) of Russian Federation from responsibility for criminal actions. (Source: "Sovetskaya Rossiya", 30 September 2003, #109(12452), p.3, "Krovavaya Osen' 93-go" (Rus.) by I.G.Edrets).
In our opinion this document is not the first one, but is the continuation of the old chekist documents of the MVD-KGB of 1979-80. As a rule, such orders get accompained by a lot of official instructions which live their own life.

Vadim V.Baranov,
Tatiana A.Baranova.
October 12, 2003

Moscow, Russia.
Domestic terror, as an instrument of ideological surveillance and political pressure and persecution, introduced by bolsheviks since 1917 in Russia as a counter-measure against traditions of Russian traditional community ('obshchina') is being used by the current political system as well.

Application of psychotropic 'special means' makes the victim practically defenseless.

18.03 Moscow time.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatiana A. Baranova.
September 14, 2003

Moscow, Russia.

On September 14, 2003 from 7.30am to 8.00am Moscow time, there has been undertaken yet another attempt on our lives with the use of an "...analog of fentanyl..." while we were asleep, causing a deep narcotic induced sleep, heart weakness, severe arrhythmia, vomiting, etc...

An analogous substance was applied during the Moscow hostage crisis at Dubrovka.

Vadim V. Baranov,
Tatiana A. Baranova.
August 18, 2003
Moscow, Russia.


January 24, 2004
Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Observations that we have been making for the number of years allowed us on the basis of registration of electromagnetic radiation, mainly indoors, to draw the following conclusion: special services do widely use against ordinary people special radio wave emitting equipment operating principles of which are based on directed electromagnetic radiation of various power in frequency band from ultra high frequency (UHF) to extremely low frequency (ELF).
a) A rather narrow frequency band is used for clandestine monitoring, primarily indoors, when installation of video cameras is impossible or undesirable (for example, offices, hotel rooms, rented space, private dwellings, and even public restrooms, etc).
b) A different extremely wide frequency band is used both independently and as a trigger for chemical and biological weapons for affecting people, domestic animals, etc. indoors and causing a spectrum of continuously changing clinical manifestations which cannot be resolved by means of traditional medical analysis, and hence cannot be correctly diagnosed.

  • As an additional method in the notorious "Intimidation System". For "pressing" on undesirable persons (especially when it is impossible to "approach" the victim with full scale application of traditional chemical or biological weapons). To make him or her more complaisant to the "Regime", loyal to boss etc, and also for "demonstrative purposes".
  • For behavior manipulation of both individuals and large gatherings of people: on command - to sob, on command - to shake from laughter, on command - to fall asleep.
  • For various degrees of incapacitation, such as reduction of life potential and prevention of it's realization, elimination of the competitor, real or imaginary, oftentimes resulting in permanent disability or fatal outcome.
For example, a short impulse of narrowly directed beam of low power UHF-emitter literally knocks down a victim causing fractures, concussions etc. A similar case of application of a UHF emitter disguised as a binoculars monocular was examined in a UK court, in London (possibly Old Bailey) in the first half of the 90-th. The victims were a horse and a jockey at the very prestige horse races, where very large money circulated.
Namely the last circumstance forced to conduct this matter in the open judicial trial. I had a possibility to watch the video recording of that event when I studied in 1996-97 at Hammersmith and West London College, London W14, UK [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]. I watched how the leading horse was actually brought down from the feet. Testifying before the Court, the jockey told that "it looked like a lightning in the head". The instrument and its devise was demonstrated as a material evidence. The culprit was punished.
It was the only known to us case brought to the court.
The same method is used as "gifts via telephone". Frequencies, disrupting the normal functions of the drivers of the cardiac rhythm cause the hardest heart arrhythmias.
Another feature of the UHF special equipment is the effect that is used in UHF heaters. The heating of the whole body occurs with irreversible consequences, first of all in the central nervous system (head and spinal cord), parenchymatous organs, the liver, heart, kidney.
With the use by special services of ELF special equipment disruption of bioelectric rhythms and waves occurs, first of all, in central nervous system.
And the frequencies about 10 Hz are known as frequencies causing death.

Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova


Expecting the possible question: from where the Doctor has skill in radioelectronics, I reply that from 1965 to 1968, i.e. before entering State Medical Institute I was a class radiospecialist-instructor and then the Deputy Head of RadioBureau. Since 1996 I hold a personal radioamateur call-sign RV3DSY and had the right to work in the whole spectrum of radioamateur frequencies in all modes.
June 19, 2003

Moscow, Russia.
Today, as in the best traditions of the Soviet KGB, after numerous provocations and unsuccessful attempts to liquidate us quietly here, I was in the unprecedentedly rude form suggested not to come to work any more to the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU).
In spite of the fact, that the MGU is an academic educational-scientific institution with the highest status, the talk was full of rude and indecent threats and I was pressed to "quit peacefully". One of such absurds issued by the Learned Secretary of the Organic Chemistry Department, Associate Professor E. D. Matveeva was: "I'll give you such an assignment which you will never carry out!" When I immediately wrote down that threat, the paper was snatched out from my hands and torn to pieces in front of witnesses.
All that put me into a shock of bewilderment: where am I? Is this the modern "good manners" or special services pressed those people so hard, that by the Russian expression "laid them across the rails"?

Tatyana A. Baranova

Lomonosov Moscow State University.
June 12, 2003

Moscow, Russia.

Our conclusions, which were announced on May 31 2003, turned out to be so sensitive to the authorities, that on June 12 at 4.00 in the morning Moscow time, (the "bandit hour") I have been subjected to an artificial heart attack with heart rhythm malfunction and cardiogenic shock. It was so unexpected and so serious, that the lethal outcome could be avoided only by application of intensive therapy.

This is the first real attempt of elimination since July 1, 2002 on the territory of Russian Federation. According to our observations, same as in 1980, the order to eliminate has been issued at the very top level.

If you find yourself being persuaded that things are being done in Russia the new way, do not believe it. Here, on this territory, nothing has changed.

Vadim V. Baranov

09.30 Moscow time, June 12 ("The Day of Russia" national holiday), 2003.
May 31, 2003

Moscow, Russia.
In the announcement of June 28, 2002 we informed our readers of the new Criminal Code of Russian Federation coming into force, and express our caution regarding it's practical implementation: "Time, however, will show what will happen in reality...".

After having staid on the territory of Russian Federation from July 1, 2002 till May 30, 2003, we responsibly state, that the evil practice of application of "special means" by all Russian special services did not stop, moreover, in conjunction with the continuing usage of "traditional" chemical special means, a sharp increase in application of genetically modified biological agents is being observed, as well as in application of narcotics, which by degree of impact and volume of application can be characterized as narcotic weapons.

In relation to that, we would like to warn all entering the territory of the Russian Federation: the hopes for the special services' abandoning their goals and practices of the Soviet era have yet again failed to materialize.

Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova